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RHHF is an indigenous Civil Society Organization, a Non-governmental and Non-Profit Organization accredited to compliment the mandate of government for a just and equitable society by fighting poverty, defeating inequality and achieving Social justice. This is achieved through advocacy, and delivery of public health interventions designed to promote gender equality, secure livelihood, eradicate infectious diseases and bring social services to vulnerable populations. RHHF helps to bring the voice of the less privileged to the table and hold government and other institutions accountable.

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Our Motivations

Our Vision

A society where the poor and the vulnerable have equal access to quality Education, Infrastructure, Health, and dignity of human person.

Our Mission

To promote the quality of life of Women, Children and Youth through quality Education, Infrastructure and Health service programmes in Africa.

Our Core Values

Our Most Valuable Core Values include; Service Excellence, Punctuality, Integrity, Respect, Innovation, Transparency..

Our Partners

RHHF’s work is made possible only through the support of our many donors and partners which include the following:

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