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Community Advocacy and Accountability Team (CAT) Project at Moro LGA, Kwara State.

Global Fund grant for Malaria was for three years (2018-2020). The grant was implemented through a consortium that is led by Catholic Relief Services. Civil Society in Malaria Control, Immunization and Nutrition (ACOMIN) as a network was engaged for the purpose of implementing the community component and to coordinate efforts of Community-Based Organisations on oversight, advocacy, and accountability at the community, LGA, and State levels.

ACOMIN worked in 5 LGA in Kwara state implementing through 15 CBOs and Community accountability teams while Royal Heritage Health Foundation is the Community Based Organization engaged to directly implement the project activities at the community level with the Community Accountability Team at Moro LG in Kwara state and the wards RHHF implemented in 2020 were Wumi mayaki, Malete, Bode Saadu, Ejidongari, and Arobadi-imary Health Care, Moro Kwara State.

The activities carried out by RHHF through CATs were: Working and interacting with community members through Focus group discussions (FGD), Interacting with clients who had accessed malaria services at Health facilities through Client Exit Interviews(CEI), Interacting with health facility staff particularly the Officer in charge and community stakeholders through key informant interviews(KII), Advocacy meetings with Key stakeholders for prompt resolution of issues at the wards and LGA levels, Physical observation of facilities to ascertain suitability to offer services to communities and Physical observation of stores where LLINs and other commodities are kept for suitability. The main beneficiaries of this project were pregnant women, Women with under 5 children, Health workers, and community members. Furthermore, the focuses of the accountability initiatives were Accountability for Commodity utilization, Accountability for value for money, Accountability for budgetary appropriations, Accountability for Human Resources deployment.

During Key Informant Interview for CAT Project at Arobadi primary Health Centre, the Head of the Facility complained bitterly about insufficient PPE for the Staff to protect them against COVID’19, she mentioned Bucket with tap for washing hands by clients visiting the Facility. Remedial Action was taken by RHHF to support the Facility with Some PPE.

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