Advocacy visit to Key community stakeholders (Community, traditional and religious leaders) in Borno state.

RHHF project implementation team conducted advocacy to community stakeholders across the five implementation LGAs in Borno state. Ninety-four (94) stakeholders were reached in Borno state across Bama, Jere, Konduga, Mafa and Maiduguri Municipal City (MMC). The aim of the advocacy was to introduce RHHF to the community, inform them about the Strengthening COVID-19 prevention services and mitigation project funded by Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) and to solicit for their support in the area of mobilizing their community members to support the project by accepting COVID-19 vaccine so as to increase the uptake of COVID-19 vaccine in Borno state.
In addition, the advocacy will also facilitate and enhance acceptability of COVID-19 vaccine, combat vaccine hesitancy, clarify possible myths and misconceptions such that the community members are enabled to take charge of their lives as we provide practical support to overcome health care issues through provision of mobile COVI9-19 vaccination which is targeted towards bridging the gap between intension and the action towards taking the COVID-19 vaccine. Supported by @funds4disaster #community#health#covid_19

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