Our Expertise & Objectives


Efficient Service Delivery

To build the capacity of staff and volunteers towards effective and efficient service delivery..

Reproductive Health

To provide Reproductive Health (including elimination of Maternal death, Gender Based Violence and Universal access to reproductive Health information and commodities) services and Right for Women and Girls and other beneficiaries in the targeted communities.

Health Services

To deliver and ensure access to quality and efficient health service programmes that improves the quality of life of the vulnerable persons.

Development Programmes

To address the educational needs of children and youth through the implementation of educational development programmes.

Economical/ Social Independence

To develop and improve the capacity and skills of people especially women in decision making process in the family and community thereby enabling them to become economically and socially independent..

Documentation for Programme Sustainability

To document best practices, collaborate and disseminate relevant information to stakeholders for programme sustainability.

Our expertise

Royal Heritage Health Foundation (RHHF) is focused on combating extreme poverty (in all its forms) and contributing to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development in the communities where we work.

RHHF agrees that the majority of the problems in the world stem from poverty. Therefore, the Foundation has been reviewing the UN Development Goals to ensure that the communities where it works achieve many of the goals.
As a result, RHHF’s goals include maternal, newborn, infant and child mortality reduction, communicable and Non-communicable disease reduction, improved nutrition, Education for All (Basic and secondary education, adult literacy and numeracy) including computer skills development.